Monday, October 02, 2006

Words of Grace

Our older daughter is Macy. She is a sensitive, kindhearted, introverted, creative, and thoughtful five-year-old.
Then there's Grace. She is Macy's three-year-old sister, and she is a tornado. We like to joke that God had us name her Grace because He wanted us to have a constant reminder of what we'd most need in parenting her. She is a reckless, boisterous, full-speed-ahead bundle of impulsiveness and energy. She's pretty flippin' awesome.

One thing that has surprised me is that, despite Macy's apparently more introspective and thoughtful personality, Grace is the one who has asked more childliike "theological questions" than Macy ever did. We do not worry at all about Macy's spiritual maturity, but Grace is constantly asking questions about where Jesus is and where God is, and she frequently talks to us and her stuffed animals and dollies about "the Lord Jesus." She is also very much into worship music. She listens to it on repeat on her little boombox while she sleeps all night.

Every night during bedtime prayers, when we get to the part where we ask God to bless people we know, we have the girls each list people they'd like God to bless. The list usually consists of family members, and for Gracie, it includes herself more than once. ;-) During last night's prayers, though, Grace included "my church teacher" in her list. I thought that was awesome, and if anyone reading this happens to work in the 3-year-olds class at Kids Place either Saturday evenings or Sundays at the 8:30 timeslot, please know that Grace wishes a blessing on you!

This morning when I got her out of bed, I noticed she had at some point in the night, turned up her worship music fairly loud. "Time to get up, little Praise Baby," I said. She got up happily, as she often does, and said, "I like to worship the Lord cuz I'm addicted to it." (The girls are fond of saying they're "addicted" to stuff ever since their Mama explained to them that it means they "can't enough of" something.)
I couldn't think of a better way for a Dada to start his day.


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