Monday, October 02, 2006

Comic Book Guy Says, "Best. Sermon. Ever."

Seriously. If you missed Pastor Bill West's message on forgiveness this past weekend ("Forgiveness is For-Giving"), you missed an awesome presentation of the Gospel applied.

The place where the two halves of The Great Commandment meet is in our granting grace in the forgiveness of others out of the wonder and gratitude and perspective of knowing that God has granted grace in forgiving us. This is why in the Lord's Prayer the phrase "Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us" is so connected, so linked. Notice the "as" joining the two actions; it does not say "forgive us if we forgive others" or "forgive us so we can forgive others" or "forgive us before we forgive others," even though those and a variety of other variations can be true. It is an ongoing, dynamic, quality-of-life act of worship that has us living lives of confession and repentance before God and applying that attitude in our relationships with others.

Bill's message points and applications were great, important, and crucial to our lives as followers of Jesus and to our life as a church. If you missed it, read the notes or get the audio. You won't be disappointed. In my opinion, this was the best Bill's ever been at BCC.


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