Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thank You

Just as a follow-up update, I wanted to let everybody interested know that Becky is feeling much, much better. This is either the biggest coincidence ever, or the theory presented to us last week by that specialist at St. Thomas was correct, because starting about Sunday night, the pain started dissipating, which was right in sync with the doctor's prediction. She felt much better even by Monday morning and had planned to go to work, but still felt a little weak and woozy when she tried to "breeze" through her morning routine so she stayed home another day. But this morning she finally felt herself again, energized and pain-free, so she's back at work and our family routine has gone from "nightmare" hectic to "regular" hectic. ;-)

It certainly seems as if we have finally -- after about 12 years of mystery -- figured out what's been hurting her every now and again. And that's really good news. Even though there's no "cure" per se, just knowing what is going on is a great relief, and now that we know what is going on, the once or twice a year this thing happens will find us prepared with a few ways to help Becky manage and alleviate the pain.

We want to thank everyone so much for their heartfelt thoughts and prayers. We've been so comforted by the love and concern of the BCC family, and the meals that have been brought to us over the last several days have been a tremendous blessing. We really could not have asked for a better and more grace-driven church family. I was talking to Randy Thompson at Coffee Connection last Sunday morning and just told him how overwhelmed we've been by the outpourings of help and concern. Randy just looked at me and said, "Well, that's our job -- to overwhelm you."

I can't think of a better goal for a church's call to caregiving -- to overwhelm the needy with love and mercy.
If you're reading this, and I haven't told you personally, please know the Wilson family appreciates you all so much. You've been a blessing to us.

Blogging note: I'll be talking about the planned church service time change and a few other BCC-related issues in the days to come. As promised, regular blogging will resume soon. You eager readers of the site, thanks ahead of time for your patience.


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