Friday, October 06, 2006

Weekend Linkage

A hefty helpin' of more juicy linkage to take you into the weekend . . .

From Thinkling Phil: Should I Be Afraid of God?

At Common Grounds Online: The Gift of Agitation

The Jollyblogger talks about anonymity and "singling people out" in church. (This is obviously a more pressing issue for churches smaller than ours and that do "the welcome" differently, but the underlying concerns are applicable for any church interested in having a welcoming presence during worship time.)

Mark is five posts into a great series on The Privilege of Prayer at GospelDrivenLife. Good stuff.

This week I shared with my Conexus group the text of a very good message by John Piper called Sustained by All His Grace. Don't mind if I share it with you.

Happy surfing!
And see you this weekend!



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