Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Prayer Quilt for Hal Wilson

From Colleen Gibson:
If you happened to be at church on Sunday, you might have noticed Pam Stahl standing behind the quilt in the atrium. Pam led our Let's Quilt Conexus group in the past and decided to take a break during the past 2 semesters. During this break, Pam discovered her huge passion for a prayer quilt ministry [amazing what God will do when we take a break!] at BCC. She and various other group members still meet, on a sporadic basis, and sew beautiful quilts for individuals who might need them.

The quilt that's displayed in the atrium is for Hal Wilson. Hal has recently been diagnosed with cancer. For those of you who don't know Hal… he and his wife Dickie greet on Sunday mornings and previously led the Motorcycle Slow rider's conexus group. Hal has decided to use his cancer and start a new ministry. He arrives early at his treatment sessions and shares his love of life and love for people and God with others who are experiencing cancer.

The whole premise behind the prayer quilt is to have many people come together and pray over the needs of those who are sick. As you pray you tie the knots. There are many knots of prayer to be tied.

If you were not able to tie a knot this past weekend, please know that Pam will be here again next Sunday. Please stop by to say hello and say a silent prayer for Hal.


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