Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why I Like Dr. Foster

1. It is obvious he is passionate about introducing the lost and hurting to Jesus Christ.

2. He is a dynamic -- and thoughtful -- speaker. I have profited from his teaching and I've always enjoyed it. One thing I've always said is that even lame-o theology nerds like me learn something when Dr. Foster teaches in open community.

3. He is a Calvinist. Or so I've been told by a reliable source. I'm a Calvinist too, and in the "seeker church" world, we are a rare breed.

4. Anybody who went to Free Will Baptist Bible College as an undergrad and then ended up at Reformed Theological Seminary for his doctorate is a cool dude. That is one wild ride, Mr. Toad.

5. When once a few of my fellow Thinklings (a group weblog I co-founded 3 years ago) took issue with something Dr. Foster wrote, he graciously took the time to respond and allowed me to post his response. He did so with understanding and with good spirit.

6. He has great taste in music. Seriously. Coldplay, U2. I would definitely steal his iPod.


At 7:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David obviously emits a persona that draws a crowd and has led to some measure ( the world's measure ? ) of success.

Being an effective "Pastor" entails far more than sustainable popularity and dynamic speaking ability. It requires humility and falls under authority given by God and administrated by spiritually fit elders.

The saddest element to this whole situation is the large number of people that are willing to follow David anywhere, yet give no creedence to a group of elders. In essence many people are saying "I follow David Foster exclusive to any other Christian fellowship and jurisdiction."

If David were opperating as a humble servant of God he would address the mob mentality that seeks to follow him and "his message/ vision." Instead he inflames the situation by meeting in a public location on Sunday morning !!!

That is not true Christian leadership and it gave the discerning Body of Christ in Nashville the sense that the blind is leading the blind in an unGodly lack of restraint.

If David willfully establishes a new church where he writes his own rules, as he sought to do at BCC, then he further establishes his blatant disregard for accountability and his true lack of humility and repentance.

Unfortunately, many of David's followers are in poor understanding of scripture. They don't understand that he is proving and has proven himself unfit for pastoral leadership.

He's simply a talented, charismatic speaker. One that they follow blindly.

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Jared said...

Anonymous, I appreciate the comment. But it might have been more appropriate left under a different post.

Again, I thank you for your thoughts, but I didn't create this particular post to prompt any "Yes, but..."'s.


At 10:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


If Calvin was right about preordination, was all this stuff part of the plan from the beginning? And why are we so upset?

Just wondering about Calvin's take on all this.. Thanks...


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