Monday, July 31, 2006

Meeting Feedback

There is already some feedback at the TalkBCC Forum on Monday evening's session with the elders. I've been informed that all the meetings are now full, so good-on-ya if you managed to get signed up, and dang-it-to-h-e-doublehockeysticks if you didn't. I trust the substance of those meetings will be made public somehow, even if via one of these unofficial forums.

Here's a post from the forum by Rod Frank, who previously posted an interesting Acid Test piece at the site and who attended this evening's elder meeting:
I have just returned from Monday night's session with the elder board. A detailed description of what transpired, especially vis-a-vis my comments in this post will have to wait for a time I feel less exhausted. However, here are a few comments:

It started at 6 and broke up at 10:30. There were 6 or so board members there and 2 former members. They took us through a timeline of events starting from about 18 months ago to last Saturday in detail. This is why it took so long. They had actual letters, emails, offers, counter-offers, counter-counter offers from which they read sections verbatim.

If it is important for you to hear facts and not spin from their side, it is important that you attend one of these meetings. They have done two yesterday, one tonight and expect to do one a night for the next two weeks, or as long as it take to be able to look in everyone's eye and answer every question. This is quite a committment.

They admit their faults and mistakes. It is a very impressive display of integrity and opennes and committement to presenting the truth as best they know it. I went seeking answers to four questions:
1) do they have legitimacy
2) why did they do what they did
3) why now
4) why was it done the way it was done.

These four questions have been answered to my satisfiction.

He goes on to revisit his original "acid test" and says that, in his mind, it has been met.

(Note: I received this post via e-mail because I have joined the forum, but at the time I tried to access the actual post itself on the forum website, it was unavailable due to the group's exceeding bandwidth. I'm hoping that is a temporary problem, as the forum is as neutral a place for BCC'ers to gather as any. If the problem can be corrected, I'm sure its creator Ben Jessey will do so. Apologies for the inconvenience.)


At 5:26 AM, Blogger Devon said...

The Talk BCC forum was just experiencing some temporary outages. It is working fine now.

At 5:31 AM, Blogger Jared said...

Thanks, Devon!


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