Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Some Links (and One Notice)

Jamey Tucker has graciously added BCC is Broken to the link list in his post at Channel 2's Faith and Ethics blog. Thanks, Jamey.

Others talking:

"Lord, i pray for this church, i pray for these people, i pray for this pastor and his family that your will be done in building the Kingdom of Heaven. give them all listening hearts to discern you will. give the leadership on both sides weakness and hospitality to be present to you and those in hurt. grant peace to those who are angry, so that they do not rest on their own understandings but your movements -amen"
-- Gavin

"No offense to any of my church-going brethren, but it's this kind of thing that pushed me away from organized religion."
-- Brittney

"I've also been watching the situation that's developed at Bellevue Community Church in the community where I live . . . I could find it very easy to judge and to point out issues with large churches, but then that beam in my eye might kill someone. So I simply commit to praying and asking others to do the same as well."
-- Phil

None of the above folks, by the way, go to BCC. But I thought they were worth hearing, and you can click on their names to read their full thoughts in the posts I've excerpted.

A notice:
I read somewhere that the church by-laws may be posted soon on the church website. Last I checked, they were not there. I will keep checking, so if the information is true, I will provide a link when they appear. Just thought some folks might be interested in that.


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