Thursday, August 03, 2006

Letter from Dr. Foster

A new Open Letter to the Bellevue Community Church Family:
This past week has been incredibly painful for all of us, but it is time to begin the healing process. Therefore, I am asking everyone to accept the decision of the Elders. I have and I do. I am asking you to gather this weekend, as we have for so many years, to worship God in an atmosphere of love, forgiveness and understanding. I pray there will be no more division among us over me, or over anything! Jesus Christ, the dear One we worship and the only one we follow, is alone the Lord of the church.

With all my heart, I am asking that at all four weekend services there be a coming together to begin the healing process and start the next chapter of BCC´s life. I do not want nor do I support a vote of any kind and I plead with everyone that there be no protests, petitions, signs, or contentious displays by anyone for any reason. While we may differ on this decision, it has been made by good men who, at great distress to themselves have stepped up to do what they honestly in their hearts feel is the right thing for BCC. My task is done and it is time to move onto the next chapter of my life too.

I am asking that, beginning this Saturday night and continuing through all three services on Sunday that you show our city and fellow Christians that what binds us together (Jesus, not a pastor) is stronger than the forces that would tear us apart. We have learned again this week just how in need of Jesus´ peace, love, and understanding we really are. I am asking you to show each other grace and come together in a time of reconciliation.

As Lionel leads you to God in worship, let there be the joy of heaven reverberating throughout the entire building. Sing loud with one voice and one heart in worship to Jesus the head of our church and the Savior of our souls. And as other worship leaders and teachers minister to you respect them and receive them with love too.

The interviews I´ve done this week have been given with the hope of bringing clarity, not contentiousness. Where I failed, forgive me. This must now move out of the press back into the hands of you, the people. I am asking you to stay together. BCC needs your giving, loving, can-do spirit more than ever. Paula, our girls and I have poured the past 16 years of our lives into this wonderful church and we want you all to go on to greater things and a continued impact on this city. I pray that not one friendship be lost, one volunteer position be vacated, or one less than loving word be said.

If you love and support Paula and me, you can best show it Sunday by coming together in peace, unity, and reconciliation. I will love you always. To all the elders who have served along side me, I love you and cherish your friendship. To all the staff of BCC, thank you for coming along side me in the effort to make BCC a mission-driven church. I love you and pray for your continued success.

Your Brother and Sister in Christ,

David & Paula Foster

This is a very good word.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger judas icarus said...

And.... not a moment too late! : - )

I guess I was hoping this could have been deduced and decided months ago.....

I'm such a cynic... I know!


But I'm in full agreement with this.... as I would hope EVERYONE will be.....

God rules.... always... and always should....

To God Be The Glory....

Kind regards,

C. Evan Leonard

At 6:21 PM, Blogger Matt Sipos said...

I hope this is the end of the infighting, but I still wanna see the results of the forensic auditor.


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