Thursday, August 03, 2006


You can watch the video from yesterday's Channel 2 News at 6 BCC segment at here.

BCC Blow-up joins the blogroll.
Btw, I want to do my best to provide links to as many BCC voices as possible, so if you know of any other blogs, message boards, or forums discussing the situation, please let me know.

Also at WLYD&P is this impassioned open letter to the elders and Dr. Foster. I honestly hesitate to link to it because it strongly calls for a vote, and brothers and sisters, there isn't going to be a vote. I've already expressed my reasons why a vote is unnecessary and problematic, but regardless of the why and how, there just isn't going to be one. We really need to accept that, even if it means getting very angry at the elder board. I really believe that, apart from the contingent still demanding one, the vote is a dead issue.

But I do link to the letter, because while I think there are some flaws in the reasoning and use of Scripture, Lamm is seeking honest and biblical resolution to church conflict, and we could all use a little more of Steve Lamm's spirit. I thought about interacting with the letter a bit on this site (what bloggers typically call a "fisk"), but I just thought that would be too cold a response to so warm an expression of hurt and concern.
Anyways, thank you Steve Lamm for truly seeking grace in these matters.


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