Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Some housekeeping items:

I've been swamped today with e-mails, comments, and phone calls, not to mention my regular day-to-day Dada duties, so if you've left messages and/or asked me to respond to some issue, please be patient as I try to get everything together. It's 2:00 right now, and I haven't had anything to eat today. J-Dog is a growing boy and needs his din-din. ;-)

Folks in the TalkBCC Forum may have noticed my absence for a couple of days. I probably won't return. There is more heat than light there, and frankly, just getting the rhetoric in my email inbox tempts my own anger issues.
There comes a point where some people cannot be bothered with information; they cannot be assailed by reason or Scripture. I want to be patient with those folks, and part of that approach, for me anyway, is not responding to them at all.

So I'm sorry not to carry my voice here over there any more. Aside from the emotional and spiritual yuck I'd end up stepping in, it's just logistically more than I can handle right now anyway. I do hope cooler heads will prevail in that forum, and in the general forum of BCC public opinion.

Speaking of public opinion, I spoke to News 2's Faith & Ethics journalist Jamey Tucker on the phone today. He is putting a piece together on the conflict. My understanding is that Dr. Foster has been interviewed on camera again, and that elder Richard McKinney will appear again.

I declined to be interviewed on camera. I have appreciated the expressions of gratitude and encouragement creating this site has prompted from many of you; I feel very privileged to have any say whatsoever in this mess, be it small or large. I just did not feel comfortable saying yes to becoming a public face in the conflict. As far as I'm concerned, I'm just a regular ol' BCC member. I have the same access to information anyone else has. I may just go looking for it a bit more purposefully, but I don't know any of the elders or staff members personally. My closest friend in this "investigation" is Google, and I'm only trying to insert my thoughts, feelings, conscience, and convictions into a yucky process.

I answered some questions as best I could, reminding all the way that I'm only relating the information I heard last night.

Creating this blog sort of got away from me, I'll admit. I underestimated its potential and its potential readership! I'm happy to continue posting here and to speaking to whoever I can, but I do not want to be misconstrued as any sort of "official" spokesperson?
Fair enough?

That said, Mr. Tucker is looking for regular ol' BCC members who might consent to be interviewed on camera. Several names came to mind, but I didn't give him any of them. ;-)
If you're interested in having your contact info provided to Mr. Tucker, please e-mail me at jaredcwilson AT yahoo DOT com (had to correct email address; I actually rarely use it!). He is on a deadline, so respond fast if you are inclined. It's not a promise to put you on air, of course.
Tucker also asked that respondents not be emotionalistic morons. Okay, he didn't use those words. But that's what he meant. ;-)

Don't quote me on that, you pinko journalistas!


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