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Here's a news story on last weekend's services.
I wonder if the media will be as interested in the rebuilding of BCC leadership as they were the purging of it. Somehow I'm skeptical. ;-)

Dirk Plantinga has reflections, photos, and video from the weekend at his place.

Btw, does anyone recall the exact set list for Saturday evening's service? If so, I'd be grateful if you posted it in the comments.

I told my wife that on Sunday morning the worship team played all through the morning, filling even the breaks between services with praise. She said she wished "they'd kept going" Saturday night too.
Anyone know if there are CDs of the Sat. evening service available? I'd sure like to get one for her so they can "keep going" in her car on the way to and from work. Again, you can let me know via comments or send an email to jaredcwilson AT yahoo DOT com.

More to come later on forgiveness, repentance, restoration, and reconciliation. And on Dr. Foster's latest missive. (Yes, I saw it.)
Till then . . .



At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Mike Goodson said...

Jared, there might be a podcast of the music posted later since they did broadcast the service.


At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Chris said...

The set list from the weekend was as follows:
I See You
Come Thou Fount
Thank You, Father
God of Wonders
This is My Father's World
Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
I Have Decided
Day by Day
Jesus Loves Me
My Sanctuary
Praise You in this Storm
Famous One
Holy is the Lord
My Glorious
He Knows My Name
Just A Closer Walk with Thee
Be Thou My Vision
Reveal Yourself

Unfortunately, there isn't a CD available. We on the Creative Arts team have been trying to make the music we do on the weekends available. But we're incredibly understaffed and we're still trying to overcome the legal hurdles.

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous John Northrup said...

The songs that were used for the weekend services, as well as who led on the songs, are as follows:

Come Thou Fount - Lionel Cartwright
I See You - Lionel Cartwright
Thank You, Father - Johnny Few
God of Wonders - Randy Holland
This is my Fathers World - Paul Francisco / Chris Wilcoxson
Lord, I Left Your Name on High - Guy Kaminski
I Have Decided - Randy Holland
Be Thou My Vision - Lionel Cartwright
Reveal Yourself - Lionel Cartwright
Day by Day - Lionel Cartwright
Breathe - Paul Francisco
My Sanctuary - Laurie Kerr
Praise You in this Storm - Randy Holland
Famous One - Randy Holland
Holy is the Lord - Lionel Cartwright
He Knows My Name - Paul Francisco
Jesus Loves Me - Tiffany Farnsworth
I Could Sing - Randy Holland
My Glorious - ALL
Doxology - ALL

The amazing musicians that let God use them last weekend to uplift the church in worship were:

Drums - Vinnie Alibrandi
Bass - Scott Sullivant
Acoustic and Electric Guitar - Bill Able
Acoustic Guitar - Randy Holland
Acoustic Guitar - Guy Kaminski
6 String, 12 Sring, Mando, and Fiddle - Lionel Cartwright
Piano / C3 Organ - Larry Hall
Sax and Flute - James Fenton
Sax - Dana Kuttenkuler

Vocals - Lionel Cartwright, Randy Holland, Chris Wilconson, Brenda Williams, Julie Mierick, Paul Francisco, Laurie Kerr, Tiffany Farnsworth, Johnny Few, and Guy Kaminski.

There were also a whole host of volunteers that were working in directing, audio, video, and back stage.

God Bless

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Chris said...

I wanted to add something to my last comment. Much gratitude needs to go out to the music and technical volunteers that made this last weekend possible. The Creative Team decided to do the all worship weekend on the Tuesday prior. So we gathered up all those musicians very last minute. And all of the music and tech volunteers were there both Saturday and Sunday and only left the stage or their posts to...... ahem,...... relieve themselves.
The community of people that makes up BCC continues to amaze me. And in case anyone was wondering, we had 1,200 ADULTS over the course of the weekend. Yea God!!!

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please elaborate on "Dr. Foster's latest missive"....?

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can read it yourself on Dr. Foster's myspace page.

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Jared said...

Thanks, all. I should have realized there would be recording issues with the music rights and such.
Unfortunately the podcast thing is out for us, as we are still in the Internet stone age called Dial-Up service. ;-)

Anonymous #1: What Anonymous #2 said.
The message is also at Foster's WordPress blog, and while I haven't checked it yet, I assume it's at too.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Brack said...

The staff and volunteers did an incredible job this weekend, AND maintained continuity with the current series. Sunday morning felt like one continuous loop of praise music, which went along perfectly with the "Ipod" theme. I'll tell ya, BCC doesn't miss a beat.

At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

jared, thank you thank you, I would like to read some of your works, I heard an excellent lesson given by Joel Osment last night and it was about Controlling Moods - - it was so timely it had to come from Him. keep up the good work,

At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

p.s. correction - I meant
to say Joel Osteen -
out of Houston. unbelievable message lastnight. on point with
what we're going thru.


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