Thursday, June 07, 2007

Great Words

Do you listen to sermon podcasts? Can I recommend two great ones to you that I just listened to today?

That video clip I feature a couple posts down is from a recent Mark Driscoll sermon called Examining Two Enemies of the Gospel (religion and idolatry), that he delivered at some conference in Texas. I listened to the whole thing today while watching the girls at the pool, and holy cow -- it just may be the best sermon I've ever heard.
Seriously. No exaggeration. I'm racking my brain trying to think of a better message, and I've heard lots of good messages in my short life. I can't think of one.
In content and delivery and style and engagement, it is very near perfect.
You can listen to it online at the link above, or download the mp3 from Mars Hill's media library.

The other message is from the man I consider my mentor-pastor. His name is Mike Ayers, and he's the founding pastor of The Brook Church Community in Houston. I listened to his message "Counting the Cost" today, and it's really good.
A choice quote: "To be a follower of Jesus, you must renounce comfort as the ultimate value of your life."
Wow! True dat.
There's no individual link for the message, but go to the Brook's sermon audio page here and look for the title "Counting the Cost." You can listen to it online or download the mp3. (A personal testimonial about the MasterLife program from a church member starts out the message, so if you download the audio, feel free to start your listening at the 8:23 mark.)

Two great messages. My gift to you. :-)


At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Milly said...

You know I’m hooked on sermons. If you say it good then I’ll take a listen.


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