Thursday, February 01, 2007

Conexus is Coming

BCC has experienced a renaissance of fellowship and discipleship in its community over the last six months. One of the best ways you can join this inward-outward-upward growth is to get involved in a Conexus small group.

Directories will be available this weekend. Pick up a print version at one of the weekend services or check out the listings on the Hope Park website.

The Conexus Rally will be held the weekend of February 10/11, so feel free to browse the group tables in the atrium, chat up group leaders, peruse materials, and get your name and info on a sign-up sheet. (As always, you can sign up online, as well.)

If you've ever complained about not knowing anybody at church, here's your opportunity for a remedy. Some great things happen in these groups. Great relationships form and real reconciliation happens. Don't miss out!

Conexus officially starts February 18.


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