Friday, January 19, 2007

Making Disciples of Ourselves

I've been reading Dallas Willard's new book The Great Omission (in snippets while I wait in the car line to pick up my daughter from school in the afternoons), and it's a great indictment of the way we tend to accept Christ for the fire insurance and occasional crisis management but tend to forget the Great Commission calls us to "make disciples," not converts.

Here's a great quote from Eugene Peterson on this subject:
The great danger of Christian discipleship is that we should have two religions: a glorious, biblical Sunday gospel that sets us free from the world, that in the cross and resurrection of Christ makes eternity alive in us, a magnificent gospel of Genesis and Romans and Revelation; and, then, an everyday religion that we make do with during the week between the time of leaving the world and arriving in heaven. We save the Sunday gospel for the big crises of existence. For the mudane trivialities, . . . we use the everyday religion of the Reader's Digest reprint, advice from a friend, an Ann Landers column, the huckstered wisdom of a talk-show celebrity. We practice patent-medicine religion: we know that God created the universe, . . . [b]ut we can't believe that he condescends to watch the soap opera of our daily trials and tribulations.

I hope to start exploring more of the ways the Sunday gospel can be let loose on our Monday thru Saturday lives in the days and weeks to come.
I know I promised regular blogging this week, but life's what happens when you're making plans, eh? My wife has been home sick all week (viral infection in the throat -- weird, huh?), and I've been focusing my study and writing primarily in preparation for the launch of Element in a couple of weeks, so time's been scarce.

Regular blogging will resume . . . um, soon. (Sorry, Adam. ;-)

Grace and peace to you and yours!


At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Dirk said...

Element looks exciting - the video within the announcements this weekend was very well done. Looks like your Super Bowl party will have lots of "Peyton" fans.


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