Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weekstart Linkage

Okay, so I didn't get around to posting some weekend linkage last Friday. A buddy of mine called me up with a last-minute editing project that had a Monday morning deadline, so I've spent the last few days diligently proofing some dude's book manuscript. But let's just get in our Delorean, juice up the flux capacitor, and travel back to Friday, where we can pretend I already posted this. ;-)

My very good friend Bill Roberts talks about Maturity.

Glenn Lucke talks about how to be a Christian in the culture.

Dan Edelen, who is sort of like the blogosphere's John the Baptist, talks about the dire need for community in the church.

Mark Lauterbach has a great post on the Gospel and the culture, and writes, "God is not so squeamish." Heh. Here's an excerpt from his conclusion:
We are called to display the heart and holiness of God. If all we do is condemn the sin of our culture -- and give people a moral message, we have conveyed holiness without compassion. God agonizes for sinners . . . God dirties his hands with the rescue work and does not keep safely aloof. Do I?

Good stuff there. Go read the whole thing.

BCC's own Dirk Plantinga has a good post on Choosing Joy.

Finally, here's a re-run from the Thinklings archives: That Groovy Jesus and His Message of Peace, Love, and Good Vibes

Happy surfing!

And stay tuned. I've got more posts percolating: how the Incarnation of Jesus relates to our "getting saved" stories, responding to a recent commenter's remarks on "once saved, always saved," a good excerpt from a Mark Driscoll book, and I might even reveal God's will for your life (if you're extra nice to me ;-).



At 12:03 AM, Blogger Dan Edelen said...


Thanks for the link to my post. I'm getting to the thanks late since this reference never showed up in my Bloglines pingback for some reason.


When I worked in Christian camping ministry, I was routinely chosen to portray John the Baptist if the camp put on a passion play. (No matter what camp that might have been, I think the camp leadership entertained thoughts of seeing me beheaded.)

I don't deserve any affiliation with that prophet's name, though. I could only hope to attain 1% of what John did.



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