Monday, August 06, 2007

Full Circle

I've moved! Check out The Gospel-Driven Church

A year later, I do believe Bellevue Community Church has completed the initial transition out of the brokenness. We are in a new transition now, of course, but under new leadership, it is one of building and spiritual formation. I believe BCC is Broken has served its purpose, and as I'm sure most of my readers have noticed, the posts here have become less and less "our church"-centric and more and more "churches"-centric.

My thoughts, commentary, and reflections will now be posted at a place better designed to be speaking from and to a greater context. I'll continue to talk about church, discipleship, spirituality, and the awesome gospel of Jesus Christ, but I'll be doing it at Gospel-Driven Church.

Thank you so much to the commenters, emailers, readers, and even critics for making the BCC is Broken blog such a blessing. Thank you most of all to my Bellevue Community Church family for the honor of speaking to you in this bizarre way. I thank God for all of you.

See ya at the other site? :-)