Friday, December 08, 2006

A Personal Note

I just wanted to take a minute to say Thanks to all of you who continue to read BCC is Broken, and especially to those who continue to express their appreciation for my meager meanderings. I am constantly humbled by the notion that anybody's getting something good, let alone edifying, out of the writing here, but as it is certainly my aim to do that, I find your feedback very encouraging and edifying myself. There is still someone every weekend at church who approaches me to thank me for the blog, and I'm still not used to it. I would have thought it'd be "old" by now, but apparently it's still a blessing to some folks, and knowing that is a blessing to me. In fact, just this last Wednesday at Vision Night, three people introduced themselves to me and thanked me for the blog. I didn't think the evening could have gotten any better, but those conversations really made my night.

For a while, aside from these brief personal encounters, I had no way of knowing if there were many people still reading the site. I figured that after the hoopla died down in the media, and as I trended away from "news" and the gory details, people would lose interest. The drop-off of commenting seemed to confirm this suspicion. But a few weeks ago I installed Sitemeter so I could track readership, page views, duration of views, referral stats, etc. Turns out BCC is Broken averages about 80 unique visits a day, which is pretty good for a little Blogspot blog about a local church that is not on many people's blogrolls. Actually, checking this morning, I see the average daily visits is 104. I think the news about the lead pastor candidate visit and the elder introductions probably spiked the average up a bit.

And readership is not limited to the Nashville area either. BCC is Broken has regular readership -- and by that, I mean, it's not just a random visit by someone arriving via a search or something -- in Michigan, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Washington, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and even our neighborhood to the north, Canada. Persons living in cities in these areas check the site out every day. And of course there are lots of Nashvilles, Brentwoods, Franklins, Murfreesboros, and Kingston Springs(es?).

It has been an honor to serve BCC in this newfangled way. And as long as people continue to demonstrate interest and to profit in what is posted here, I will continue posting.

I also wanted to say a few words to the folks who have been telling me in person and via e-mail how they wished I had been selected as an elder. I very much appreciate the thoughts. It's a cliche, I know, but just being nominated was an honor, and all the notes of support I received leading up to the announcement multiplied the encouragement hundredfold.
The truth is that throughout the process I have reserved the right to withdraw my name from consideration, based primarily on the fact that I didn't think I'd have the time to serve the way the position and the church require. I have already committed to leading two small groups and also to teaching in the upcoming alternative worship service for the Studio 215 crowd (at this moment named Element). Those commitments, plus just regular family commitments, my continuing publishing efforts, and the promise of a regular freelance editing gig had me very reluctant to take on a position that, at this stage in the life our church, would require loads of time and focus and a practically undivided commitment.

The elder board was on the exact same page, being aware of my previous commitments to the church. The reasons expressed to me for my not being selected are in fact the very reasons why I would have withdrawn my name from consideration. So the end result would have been the same; either way, I would not be serving as elder.
The elders have made wise and prayerful decisions -- as they have all along -- and the men they have voted as their incoming members are great guys with lots of faith and wisdom. I know two of them personally, and they are just fantastic guys.

So while I appreciate the expression of "disappointment," please don't assume that I am disappointed or hurt by the results. I am encouraged by the direction of our church and think the world of our elders (past and present, outgoing and incoming), who have given up so much of their time and gifts (and occasionally health) to love our church as Christ does. You can trust these men.

Well, the note turned into a novel. Sorry about that.
But all of that to say, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You Very Much, friends and readers. It is a joy to write for you.



At 1:27 PM, Anonymous A SC reader said...

your blog has been so inspirational to me--I appreciate your honesty and character in sharing your views, and even more so the biblical view on matters we all relate to. I used to write quite a bit and began with some hesitation, but I can truthfully say your passion for writing is contagious as it is expressed here. So, anyway, thanks so much for your faithfulness in sharing, encouraging, and edifying! Blessings and peace to you and yours, especially in this season!


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