Thursday, December 07, 2006

How to be Spiritual

Since not all of us can retreat into a cave and live a hermit-like existence living off roots and berries, wearing animal carcasses, and spending all our time praying and reading Scripture in the original languages. Some of us have to find ways to live in the Spirit in our cubicles, breakfast nooks, grocery stores, and bedrooms. This post from Once More With Feeling is for the rest of us and proves the Bible's got us covered too. :-)
-- Drink and eat a lot with family and friends (Deuteronomy 14.22-27; Ecclesiastes 9.7).

-- Include strangers, people below your socio-economic status, and characters of ill-repute in these parties–if you notice they aren’t being treated in a really welcoming manner, you may need to invite fewer of your friends in order to produce the right environment (Deuteronomy 16.10-15; Luke 14.12-14; Luke 15.1, 2).

-- Have frequent sex with your spouse (Ecclesiastes 9.9; First Corinthians 7.2-5).

-- Enjoy your work (Ecclesiastes 9.10).

-- Work hard (Ecclesiastes 11.6).

-- Worship God in public with other people (Psalm 100, ad infinitum).

-- Sing really violent songs as prayers (The Psalms).

-- Loan money without expecting payment in return (Luke 6.35).
-- Pursue profit in business–otherwise you are never going to be able to afford to be open handed (Luke 19.20-26; Ephesians 4.28).

-- Enjoy the luxuries you have (Ecclesiastes 9.8).

-- If it is an especially holy day, and you hear the Law of God and are feeling especially convicted for your many sins, make sure you don’t weep but rather go party and share food and fellowship with others (Nehemiah 8).

-- Gently restore people you catch in wrongdoing and don’t demand payback when you are the victim (Galatians 6.1, 2).

-- Teach your children to be spiritual(Deuteronomy 6.1-9).

-- Don’t care if anyone else judges you or your children as unspiritual; care what God thinks (Romans 2.28, 29).

(Hat tip: Alan, one of my compadres at Thinklings)


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